Animal Lover, Oregon
“I am forever changed by knowing David. His nurturing heart along with his intuitive skill have allowed me to drop my defenses and shift perspectives rapidly.
     I was introduced to David at a frightening time in my life when I was suffering from a vibration sensation in my body that was literally terrifying me. I was unable to stay grounded in my body. I was ragged from fear, worry, and lack of sleep. From the moment David started working with me, I began to feel better. I had never experienced working with an energy healer. As David spoke with me in his gentle way, I was able to feel the energy moving in my body and the anxiety leaving like air from a balloon. I could feel my body grounding. The relief was palpable. Although I had suffered the vibrations for about 3 weeks, they were virtually gone in a few days, and David gave me techniques I could use to keep on grounding myself.
     For my whole life, I have experienced a sense of dread and foreboding that colored everything I did and thought with at least a tinge of fear, not to mention a great deal of anxiety and stress. I have noticed since meeting David that a sweet peace and calm steadiness have replaced that dread. Also, I was able to quit smoking in about 3 days, having smoked for 2 years, with almost no discomfort or cravings.
     I will absolutely continue to see David for energy healing and recommend him HIGHLY to people who are dealing with trauma, life changes, and addictions, or are in need of physical healing. Working with him provides an abundant space where a person can change and thrive.”

Small-Business Owner, Austin, Texas
“I enjoyed working with you. The biggest thing I noticed was in my interaction with my mother. She became very annoyed and angry with me because I was holding stronger boundaries with her. We ended up getting into a fight, because she said I was being confrontational. (I was being calm and wasn't feeling defensive, just more centered in myself.) Instead of backing down I decided to lay some stuff on the table about how she makes me feel and the unhealthy patterns in our relationship. I am not sure how much of it sunk in at her end, but at least I am becoming clearer about why I have such issues setting boundaries and saying no when I need too.
     I also noticed that my stomach pain and joint pain were better after we worked together, and my sleep is getting better, too.
     You taught me a lot about trusting myself and my own intuition about my health. So thank you. That alone is a huge thing!”

Crystal Sweeting, Healer, Canada
“David, I’m so grateful for my healing work with you. It’s great to know I have someone who understands energy in the same way that I do. Not to mention that I get to release things that no longer serve AND strengthen things that do. Seems that I store a ton of stuff in my body energetically. And of course the physical is just acting out to let me know there’s something else that needs to change.
     Our conversations are so very enlightening. Since our last one, I’ve deeply recognized the desire to be happy. Really happy. To laugh and to feel joy. Even to be giddy! It’s now so clear to me how over-serious I’ve been. Constantly working on myself and my loved ones. Trying to heal every last part of me. Trying to get my loved ones to see their stuff, so it can be healed, too. All in the name of living better and being our truest selves! It’s been a losing battle of epic proportions in which I forgot about fun.
     But thanks to your guidance, I’ve now given up trying to get others to do or see anything about themselves that they are unwilling to. I’m the closest I’ve ever been to the authentic me. Anxiety seems to have lost its grip, and I’m truly ready to live and let live. So, success, I’d say!”

Completion Process facilitator, Costa Rica
“I recommend David’s healing powers to anyone who feels stuck or confused or has difficulty in any aspect of their life.”

Realtor, Europe
“David is amazing. He has the ability to clean up and switch your energy field for the best. This will have a huge impact on your life. ENJOY! My gratitude to him is beyond words.”

Lori Branson, caregiver, Oregon
“David, I am feeling so good since our session. My ex-husband, who kept trying to drag me back into his life, has no power over me any longer. Our relationship is over. I am so happy to feel this way. I feel very strong, confident, and safe on my own.
     I also feel less desperate about meeting someone else. I have faith that it will happen for me at the right time, and I like cleaning up my energy so that I can attract what I really want in a partner.
     In general I have been feeling safe and secure, now that my faith has been restored in life and myself.
     For sure I will want to see you again.”

Computer programmer, Costa Rica
“David, After our session I felt very light and happy about having had the session with you. There was no other way I would have rather spent my time. It feels good to know that I can have a session with you, like a safe haven I can go to.
     A lot of weight has been taken off me. I have less tension. I’ve been sleeping better, and on going to bed I feel excited about my plan to open up more emotionally to others.
     After a few days, I began to feel how I crave connection. I had the realization that I suppress emotion and try to seem OK with other people. I then consciously made an effort to let my face express how I felt. And once I did this, it became much easier to talk openly with others.
     So overall, I feel lighter and am experiencing joy in understanding more about myself.”

Completion Process facilitator, Norway
“The first thing that struck me when talking to David was how comfortable and safe I felt. I could relax the moment I saw him. I had been concerned that he wouldn’t be able to stand his ground when interacting with what I felt was a very hurt and afraid part of myself, but he could. He guided me patiently through different imprints and emotions, and I kept feeling safe the entire time. Also, I loved that he allowed humor and lightness to be such a great part of a session devoted to deep soul work — something I have found rare among practitioners.
     After the session with David, I feel somehow softer towards myself. I have also experienced how I’m capable of embracing darker parts of myself. This makes me feel an inner peace, as if I can finally trust myself.”

Owner of exercise business, Virginia
“David, I don’t even know where to start. Since my session with you I have had HUGE HUGE HUGE shifts every single day, HUGE realizations, and new understandings. 7 years of therapy and I could not get to this! I am SO THANKFUL to have found you. I LOVE YOU!”

University teacher of singing, California
“David, I wanted to let you know what a significant change my body has gone through since our last healing session.
     For as long as I could remember, my energy had always been drained by my teaching. I feel so much better and my energy is thriving, now that I have learned from you how to release the energy that I take on from others, and how I can block myself from taking on negative energy.
     I am sleeping easily through the night, and my body is now releasing the last little bits of this cold, which I had had for months.
     Thank you again for sharing your insight and wisdom. I really believe in your work.”

English teacher and Completion Process facilitator, Hungary
“My session with David was deep and delightful — a unique combination of qualities that warmed my heart, healed my body, and created new ‘thinking frequencies’ at the same time. His deep and genuine interest in my process and his unconditional presence were already healing modalities that I could sense from the very first moment to the last. His patience and understanding allowed me to be honest and vulnerable, and in my opinion that was the perfect ground on which he built a blend of his very own special healing techniques and other methods, all tailored to the needs of my process. Humor and practical advice were also parts of this lovely journey. I am still excited about all the things I learned from him.”

Owner of horse-drawn carriage business, Pennsylvania
“David, So much has happened since our last session. My children's attitudes have changed for the better toward me. I decided to break up with my abusive boyfriend and ask him to leave. My father’s attitude has changed somewhat also. I'm taking power back from a lot of different people that I'd given it to.
     I was asked to stay on permanently at a shop where I started working part-time. I found a gentleman to lease my horses over the winter, so I can keep them but don't have to feed and care for them during our off-season! Tomorrow morning I have an interview for another part-time job.
     Oh my goodness, everything is happening so fast! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

Completion Process facilitator, Germany
“David, thank you so much for the wonderful session yesterday! I feel like a new person today compared with the misery I was in before. I had lost my connection to Source, and after you reconnected me, I feel in alignment again. The world loves me, and I love it back. Thank you for bringing me back on track. I guess I had never felt so lost as before our session, and the effect was just amazing!”

Medical doctor and information technology specialist, Germany
“I contacted David to receive energy healing for two distinct issues. The first issue had to do with my life planning and manifestation. The second issue was something physical that I had also had before. Although previously I just let it slide and it went away after three weeks, I didn’t want to suffer for such a long time again. David asked me in a very kind way about the reasons for my session and gave me plenty of time to explain. Then he started to do his observations and asked me a couple of questions that I felt were right to the point. He then started to do the energy work and I immediately felt big shifts in my body.
     The physical issue went away within a few days. For my life issues, David looked at my energy, my past path, and my future path and explained to me his observations. This helped me a lot to identify the issues and start trusting the process I am in.
     I am very happy with David's session and I will definitely schedule another one soon.”

Jenny, Completion Process facilitator, England
“David immediately put me completely at ease in his company. His unique style and approach allow him to call on a wealth of therapeutic tools, using his highly developed intuition and long experience as a healer. I cannot recommend him highly enough. Thank you, David.”

Academic administrator, New Mexico
“David, I thank you for everything you have done to make this life a good one for me, over and over again.”

Completion Process facilitator, England
“David offers such a unique perspective on one’s issues. He has an amazing ability to energetically tune into one’s own blocks, and can use many different techniques within one session to help resolve these issue from multiple angles and perspectives. One such method he used with me was holding two seemingly contradictory beliefs in both hands energetically, and seeing how we could tune into the reason for why they could not come together. We also did this regarding my desires to manifest both a new partner and a home.
     I felt such empowerment thanks to David’s presence and techniques. He is definitely somebody I would recommend wholeheartedly if you wish to bridge the gap between idea and manifestation — from dreams into reality.”

Senay, Germany
“David's attitude is light and joyful. His twenty years of experience and his openness to using whichever process feels right in the moment lead to a relaxing freedom. He has helped me through several dark moments in my life. I felt completely held and understood as well as very safe.
     After the sessions I observed my attitude towards life shift in major positive ways. I am very thankful to have him by my side. This world feels more open with him here.”

Piano professor, Kansas
“David, I am grateful for having a mentor and friend like you. Meeting you empowered me and changed my life.”

Vika Miller, Thriving Life guide and business consultant, Portland, Oregon
“I’ve been on a healing path for more than four decades. I’ve done a lot of work with a lot of different practitioners. What I’ve gotten from my work with David has been among the most extraordinary, and certainly the fastest (not to mention the most reasonably priced). David offers very powerful, effective support.
     I’ve been recovering from some serious relationship trauma, and the self-understanding that has come to me through our sessions has been deeply freeing and empowering. One of the drawings he made in our last session — when I was seeking a place to rest, in the deepest existential sense possible — calms my nervous system every time I think about it. I finally have a place to rest in my very Being now.
     In about ten sessions with David over eight months, I’ve accomplished what I expected to take me three to five years to achieve. The shifts in my capacity to again be my best self and fully live my values, even in the most challenging moments, have been repeated, dramatic, and easy.
     I’m unspeakably grateful to David for his help in getting ME back, and so quickly, deeply, and effortlessly.”

Scientist, Germany:
“My session with David was deep and powerful. His way of working is very intuitive and creative. He has a large number of healing tools and knows how to choose and combine them to great advantage. I was especially intrigued by the main technique he used for me: he rapidly drew a shape on a piece of paper, then held it up to the camera for me to contemplate. I perceived the drawing as a three-dimensional energy field that instantly led me to amazing insights. In this way, we quickly addressed and resolved a major issue for me: my ability to trust that life supports me — a place where I have come to grief before over the last few years.
     I also really enjoyed the session — it was fun! Thank you, David!”

Physician, Germany:
“Working with David Lasocki was an amazing experience for me. I discovered him to be an experienced and versatile master of the healing arts, using his highly developed intuition, understanding, and sensitivity in total alignment with my situation. It took him but a short time to find the entry point to a healing session, where he created an intimate space to communicate with my energy patterns. He followed these patterns in the order revealed by my body’s innate ability to heal and his innate ability to facilitate, reaching deeply through all the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual layers of my being. He took diligent care to ask about my experience of each shift before moving on to the next item he dealt with, twice asking my permission to go forward when he wanted to make sure that I was ready for an especially big shift (I was!).
     Alert to the various energy exchanges that flowed within the healing space, with my eager cooperation he facilitated many types of release, strengthening, and unblocking, producing empowering and invigorating changes. He gladly and respectfully incorporated any religious symbols or concepts of space and time that came up for me, perceiving them as useful tools and a basis for mutual understanding.
     I literally felt massive shifts happen throughout my being on all the levels mentioned above, tracing them as they made their way through parts of the body and the energy space outside it. The whole atmosphere of the session was filled with mutual smiles at each other and our shared delight at the fascinating work we did together.
     I highly recommend David to assist you in your healing.”

Musician, California:
“David has always had my support, respect, and admiration. I would not have advanced this far in so many aspects of my life without his patient guidance.”

Assistant to spiritual teacher, California:
“When I started working with David, I had separated from my husband, I was terrified of people, my dog was terminally ill, and I was in a dead-end job in a town I disliked. David listened to me intently, helped me to release what was no longer serving me in my life, and eased me into my authentic self.
     My dog was everything to me, and he was in terrible pain. The courage I got from my session with David on the day my dog passed away carried me through freeing him from his physical body. That same day I packed my car and left town. Shortly after, I sent a resignation letter to my job. A week later, I received the kind of a job offer I had been wanting for two years – a job of love, freedom, travel, and independence.
     Over and over I am seeing the results of the work David and I did together. I know now that if I had not let go when it was time to let go of the things in my life, I would not be where I am today. Every day is an adventure that I love to watch unfolding. I am becoming more and more comfortable with people. For the first time in my life, I love my job, I love where I live, and I am surrounded by kind, wise people who love me for who I am. I am so grateful for David’s work.”

Civil servant, Canada:
“David, It's been fun since my last session with you. All sorts of unusual things have been popping up, all leading me in a better direction. I recognize them as parts of a growing awareness for me, and I want to say how grateful I am to you for working with me. I know I can be a challenging client, always focused on what's not working and usually only expressing that. So I wanted to say there’s been a lot of good stuff happening since I've been working with you and I'm so grateful to have this opportunity with you. I'm excited to see what’s next!”

Massage therapist, Beaverton, Oregon:
“I had an appointment to see David today about the general state of my health. Then I came down with flu symptoms and wrote to cancel the appointment. He pointed out to me the irony of canceling an appointment with a healer because you are sick! Then he did a session for me over the phone. I was incredibly impressed at how accurately he picked up on the root energy-cause of my immune system weakening, which allowed the flu symptoms to show up.
     Also, I had started to take an over-the-counter homeopathic medicine for the symptoms. David told me he felt it was too strong for me and he balanced my energy to it. Later I rechecked the medicine and found that he was right: it is way too strong for what my system needs. David is precious. His awareness, understanding, and gentle energy attunement are enabling my body to let go and feel much better now. I appreciate his healthful support and his skilled, creative, loving, authentic offerings.”

Spiritual teacher, Portland, Oregon:
“David's healing sessions are wondrous experiences. Combining what he has learned and his deep spontaneous intuition he seems to flow from one thing to the next as if following the music of a hidden orchestra. I feel the effects of this flow as expansive energy and feelings that open stuck-ness, leaving body and soul in a different place than when I arrived: centered, relaxed, and more open to being here. David’s is a truly unique form of inner work and healing.”

Professional recorder player, Denmark:
“For many years I followed David’s work as a music historian and at some point noticed his announcement of becoming a practicing healer. When, years later, I planned a performance in Portland I did not want to miss the chance to experience his healing work and went for a session. I had some specific problems related to tension in the body because of my work as a recorder player, and stress from travels for many years and other causes. But I also went just to experience what a healing session would bring and how it worked.
     During the session I could feel changes already, which continued to improve over the following days, until they became integrated in my being and I forgot about them. The changes were related not only to my specific problems, but also to other problems I had become so used to that I had just accepted them as part of getting older.
     The experience was so convincing to me that shortly afterwards I asked David over the phone to heal my daughter’s ear pain, which had lasted for a few months. Within two days it was gone and has not returned. My boyfriend had a knee that had been hurting for several months, which he was told by doctors would last until he could have an operation — and this also was healed after a phone-healing session with David.
     I myself believe in the powers of healing and the theories behind it, but in the three cases I mentioned here I did not have any special expectations of it helping; so even if one is a bit skeptical, it is my experience that it can work. Nowadays I would definitely call David before calling a doctor, bearing in mind the clear feeling of things being put right from the very core of the problem that I experienced in my sessions with him. I am deeply grateful to have this possibility, and want to mention that although I have mentioned only physical aspects here, I have felt just as many improvements on other levels.”

Speech pathologist, Bloomington, Indiana:
“David Lasocki is an amazing man. He is one of the purest souls I have ever encountered. Because of this purity, he has become the best spiritual energy healer I have had the privilege of working with. He combines many energy healing techniques with his own highly developed intuition, and therefore provides the most powerful energy healing available today. Thank God you have found him!”

“David, I just want to say that you are absolutely amazing. I know a lot of healers, but there’s no one that does it as well as you do. You are powerful and effective, and you heal on levels that nobody else can. What I experienced today was nothing less than miraculous. Thank you from every part of my being.”

College music teacher and musician, Canada:
“David Lasocki has a calm, clear, and centered approach to his work with clients. His great skill, intuition, and personal warmth combine to create transformative sessions, leading to healing and improved health on all levels. I appreciate his work!”

Retired music professor, Iowa:
“My 95-year old husband was having problems with coughing, choking on food, and weakness, so I asked David to do a remote healing session for him. The first thing David observed in the session was that my trepidation about my husband’s health was affecting him, and David helped to release that.
     I suddenly noticed that my trepidation had indeed vanished, and it seemed that my husband’s had, too. He was able to talk more freely with little coughing, and we had a nice chat. After his nap that afternoon, he excitedly reported that the full feeling in his trachea had been replaced by a comfortable feeling of emptiness. He was still coughing, but it was less deep, more superficial. And he had a little more energy, so was better able to get up out of a chair and start to walk. He also reported that the feeling of disorientation from the world that he’d been having was markedly reduced. In short, he felt he had made a big turn for the better. David did four more sessions for him over the next two months and they always gave him a boost, emotionally and spiritually.
     Then a lung tumor was discovered blocking an airway, thus stage 4 cancer. My husband chose to have no radiation, as that would probably have made him sicker. David gave him one last session that day, asking him to take whatever energy he needed.
     Surprisingly, once my husband had said goodbye to his family and friends, and most of his affairs were in order, he passed on quickly and peacefully about three weeks later without pain or medication. Equally amazing, I was strong enough to take care of him at home until his very last days, when he went to a lovely hospital hospice. There I was peaceful enough to talk to him gently and sing to him a little as he left this world with a little smile on his lips.
     Also remarkable, my grief is now softened by a great deal of happiness. I feel unusually blessed that he lived such a long and productive life, that we had so many years together in a really great marriage, that I now have wonderful support from family, friends, former colleagues and students, that with help already committed I can finish the projects he left unfinished, and that these projects help fill my life at this normally difficult time.
     I feel sure that David’s sessions helped make all these surprising and remarkable blessings possible.”

Maintenance contractor, near Spencer, Indiana:
“My work is very physical. I developed severe pain in the shoulder of my dominant arm. I tried various remedies and physical therapy without improvement. Finally, I had a session with David and the results were astounding. I experienced near total reduction in pain from the first session; two sessions later all the shoulder pain was healed. David also did work to improve my emotional well being and improve my business, with impressive results. I am greatly appreciative of David’s work. Thank you, David: you have greatly improved the quality of my life.”

Musician and music teacher, Vancouver, BC, Canada:
“The two sessions I had with David, one in person and one on the phone, were the most incredible healing experiences I’ve ever had. They both left me tingling all over with positive energy and feeling transported to another world: physically, emotionally and spiritually. After the second session my highly sensitive 10-year-old daughter and I were playing our violins together when her smile suddenly turned into spontaneous tears. She couldn’t explain her tears except that she was responding strongly to my transformation.
     On the physical level, I had been experiencing such intense knee pain that I was on crutches and concerned that I wouldn’t be able to function on the most basic level. Within days of David’s healing work I went on a holiday where I bicycled 30 km. in the Whistler, BC mountains entirely pain-free.
     David spoke to me about his long experience with certain foods such as sugar, caffeine, and alcohol, and how they suppress our emotions. I started to experiment with abstaining from sugar and found that this immediately reintroduced a wide range of emotions into my life. David not only healed me but has been educating me about his healing methods, empowering me to receive healing energy and enabling me to continue this awesome healing work on my own. I’m so thankful for all the knowledge and love you’ve given me, David.”

Homemaker, Portland, Oregon:
“My session with David brought awareness: seeing when and in what ways I suppress emotions. I feel that I am now developing strength to see these ways and change patterns, bringing me into a more balanced space with myself. Through my awareness I am feeling a freeing and releasing within myself, and strength to continue on the path of healing and transformation.”

Project Developer, California
“I develop large projects where the deals involve many stakeholders including: government, financiers, neighbors, and tenants. David has worked with me on two such projects, pointing out the weaknesses in the energy relationships among the stakeholders and helping to strengthen these relationships with me repeatedly over the many months it took to complete the projects. Despite the enormous challenges that arose, leading many stakeholders to doubt that the projects would ever succeed, they were both completed successfully – to my immense relief!”

Music student, Princeton University:
“I have worked with many healers, but never anyone remotely like the amazing David. In just three phone sessions he transformed my whole being. The chronic physical and emotional pain of many lifetimes simply melted away. The inner joy of childhood that faded as I was growing up exploded back into existence in the most delightful way. I used to feel that I had to fight and claw my way through life to get what I wanted. Now I can surrender to life’s flow, secure in a newfound core of bliss. For the first time ever, I truly feel at peace and I am excited to be alive.”

BodyTalk practitioner, Canada:
“I found the session that David did for me astounding. It was so simple and what he said was so accurate. I had such an immediate physical response, followed by such great relaxation, that it was mind boggling. Afterward I continued to feel energy shifts and many benefits. Thank you, David.”

Music Student, Indiana University:
“I had chronic dizziness and nightmares, and David kindly offered to help me. I wasn’t familiar with energy treatment, but since I was so stressed out from my symptoms, I decided to have a session with him. During the first session, I felt something inexplicable, and after the session I felt a significant difference. It’s hard to explain because I’ve never felt it before, but it’s definitely a feeling of purification, lightness, and relief. I was amazed to learn that my physical symptoms were mainly related to emotional leftovers. Also, I mentioned to David that I had had a car accident three years earlier and been in constant pain in my neck and leg since that time. The pain virtually went away during that session.
     Since that surprising first session, I’ve been having regular sessions with him. I’ve felt comfort and peace of mind, and of course, no more nightmares or dizziness or physical pain. David’s method works so much better than you can imagine. I hope you can all have relief and peace of mind by working with him.”

Veteran, Eugene, Oregon:
“Thank you, David. The relief from physical and emotional pain I have encountered through your healing practice has been a pivotal component in my spiritual Realization. Moreover, your reliability and honesty have been a source of support and loyalty that I have yet to experience from any other practitioner. My family and I remain truly grateful.”

Jazz singer and teacher, New York:
“David Lasocki heals with his heart — from the commitment he has made to his own evolution. All he learns he offers to others with abundant generosity and caring. I feel great shifts in energies within my body when David tunes in to the Universal connection we all have. His relationship with that connection is profound, and I am very grateful for receiving the benefits of his depth and awareness.”

Jazz musician, New Orleans:
“For seven years David Lasocki has been a colleague and great friend. He has also been my healing practitioner of choice. As he has progressed through a range of healing modalities the results I have experienced have been consistently positive, and occasionally astounding. From time to time I have recommended him to others. The results are always good and often amazing.”

Early musician and ensemble director, Boston:
“David has helped me with various aspects of my life: dealing with separation and loss, being ill at home or in foreign lands, and creating harmony and success in my life. Actually, I cannot think of any aspect of my life he has not guided me with for over 20 years, always successfully, swiftly, and lovingly. Thank you, David!”

Energy worker and spiritual seeker, Olympia, Washington:
“For the past two years I have turned to David as my primary healing practitioner, because of the effectiveness of his sessions. Whether I've had a gastro-intestinal crisis, general malaise, or emotional issues, David has been able to provide significant relief, usually immediately. The work is subtle, gentle, and soothing. One thing I’ve especially appreciated is learning the root causes of my imbalances, for this has allowed me to deepen my psycho-spiritual growth and has led to long-held issues being released. My body/mind vibrates at a much higher level than it did two years ago, and David’s work has played a significant part in that blessing.”

Music teacher and performer, Fresno, California:
“David is the funniest person I know; or perhaps I should say, the pun-niest person I know.”

Singer, Poland.
“Meeting David changed my life — my spiritual life. His healing sessions, copious advice, vast experience, and natural intuition have been milestones for my spiritual awakening to conscious life. Before I met David I was completely lost on different levels of my development and with no clue what to do next with my life. I can frankly say that David was the person who saved my life and offered me a hand at the moment I thought I had lost ‘everything.’ At first I was very skeptical of all the healing practices he was offering, because I was an example of a Western boy who believes only in taking tons of medicines. But after a few sessions with David I felt his healing was extremely powerful and effective for my body, mind, and spirit.
     Above all his healing gifts, I think his greatest gift is his incredible patience. With my hot head and heart I was very impatient, frustrated, afraid of the past and future. David has helped me to enjoy life as it is, with true acceptance, and to see the beauty not in gold but in the sand of the earth, and in presence not pretense. Love you, David, and thank you for appearing in my life.”