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Sessions with David Lasocki

From his own exploration of freedom and authenticity, David empowers healers, musicians, and other creatives who are stuck, confused, lost, or in pain to lead free and authentic lives.

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     Please be sure include the following information: (1) What challenges are you experiencing in your life (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, relationships, environmental)? (2) What approaches have you tried to resolve those challenges? (3) How have those approaches worked for you? (4) What are your unresolved challenges costing you in your life? (5) What do you wish your life to look like instead? (6) On a scale of 1-10, how committed are you to resolving your challenges and leading a different life?
     David will then get in touch with you about his offerings and fees.

Clients have reported results such as the following:

     “I had been experiencing such intense knee pain that I was on crutches and concerned that I wouldn’t be able to function on the most basic level. Within days of David’s healing work I went on a holiday where I bicycled 30 km. in the Whistler, BC mountains entirely pain-free.” (Musician and music teacher, Vancouver, BC)

     “For the past two years I have turned to David as my primary healing practitioner, because of the effectiveness of his sessions. Whether I've had a gastro-intestinal crisis, general malaise, or emotional issues, David has been able to provide significant relief, usually immediately.” (Energy worker and spiritual seeker, Olympia, Washington)

     “I asked David over the phone to heal my daughter’s ear pain, which had lasted for a few months. Within two days it was gone and has not returned. My boyfriend had a knee that had been hurting for several months, which he was told by doctors would last until he could have an operation — and this also was healed after a phone-healing session with David.” (Musician, Denmark)

     “My work is very physical. I developed severe pain in the shoulder of my dominant arm. I tried various remedies and physical therapy without improvement. Finally, I had a session with David and the results were astounding. I experienced near total reduction in pain from the first session; two sessions later all the shoulder pain was healed.” (Maintenance contractor, Spencer, Indiana)

     “I had chronic dizziness and nightmares.... Also, I mentioned to David that I had had a car accident three years earlier and been in constant pain in my neck and leg since that time. The pain virtually went away during the first session. After a couple more sessions, I’ve felt comfort and peace of mind, and of course, no more nightmares or dizziness or physical pain.” (Music student, Indiana University)

     “I had booked an appointment to see David today about the general state of my health. Then I came down with flu symptoms and wrote to cancel the appointment. He pointed out to me the irony of canceling an appointment with a healer because you are sick! Then he did a session for me over the phone. I was incredibly impressed at how accurately he picked up on the root energy-cause of my immune system weakening, which allowed the flu symptoms to show up.” (Massage therapist, Beaverton, Oregon)

     “... relieved my stomach pain and joint pain” (Small-Business Owner, Austin, Texas)

     “David helped me to quit smoking in about three days, after I had smoked for two years” (Animal Lover, Milwaukee)

     “... my sleep is getting better” (Small-Business Owner, Austin, Texas)

     “I have been sleeping better” (Computer Programmer, Costa Rica)

     “I am sleeping easily through the night” (University teacher of singing, California)

     “Anxiety seems to have lost its grip, and I’m truly ready to live and let live” (Healer, Canada)

     “After the sessions I observed my attitude towards life shift in major positive ways” (Senay, Germany)

     “... my sense of dread and foreboding that colored everything I did for my whole life has been replaced with a sweet peace and calm steadiness” (Animal Lover, Milwaukee)

     “I have had HUGE HUGE HUGE shifts every single day, HUGE realizations, and new understandings. 7 years of therapy and I could not get to this!” (Owner of Exercise Business, Virginia)

     “I feel softer towards myself. I have also experienced how I’m capable of embracing darker parts of myself. This makes me feel an inner peace, as if I can finally trust myself.” (Completion Process facilitator, Norway)

     “All sorts of unusual things have been popping up, all leading me in a better direction. I recognize them as parts of a growing awareness for me, and I want to say how grateful I am to you for working with me.” (Civil servant, Canada)

     “I had the realization that I suppress emotion and try to seem OK with other people. I then consciously made an effort to let my face express how I felt. And once I did this, it became much easier to talk openly with others.” (Computer Programmer, Costa Rica)

     “My session with David brought awareness: seeing when and in what ways I suppress emotions. I feel that I am now developing strength to see these ways and change patterns, bringing me into a more balanced space with myself.” (Homemaker, Portland, Oregon)

     “The shifts in my capacity to again be my best self and fully live my values, even in the most challenging moments, have been repeated, dramatic, and easy. I’m unspeakably grateful to David for his help in getting ME back, and so quickly, deeply, and effortlessly.” (Vika Miller, Thriving Life guide and business consultant, Portland, Oregon)

     “The chronic physical and emotional pain of many lifetimes simply melted away. The inner joy of childhood that faded as I was growing up exploded back into existence in the most delightful way. I used to feel that I had to fight and claw my way through life to get what I wanted. Now I can surrender to life’s flow, secure in a newfound core of bliss. For the first time ever, I truly feel at peace and I am excited to be alive.” (Music student, Princeton University)

     “... helped me to stand up for myself against my confrontational mother” (Small-Business Owner, Austin, Texas)

     “My ex-husband, who kept trying to drag me back into his life, has no power over me any longer. Our relationship is over. I am so happy to feel this way. I feel very strong, confident, and safe on my own” (Lori Branson, caregiver, Tigard, Oregon)

     “My children's attitudes have changed for the better toward me. I decided to break up with my abusive boyfriend and ask him to leave. My father’s attitude has changed somewhat also. I'm taking power back from a lot of different people that I'd given it to.” (Owner of horse-drawn carriage business, Pennsylvania)

     “I had lost my connection to Source, and after you reconnected me, I feel in alignment again. The world loves me, and I love it back. I guess I had never felt so lost as before our session, and the effect was just amazing!” (Completion Process facilitator, Germany)
     “Meeting David changed my life — my spiritual life. His healing sessions, copious advice, vast experience, and natural intuition have been milestones for my spiritual awakening to conscious life. Before I met David I was completely lost on different levels of my development and with no clue what to do next with my life. I can frankly say that David was the person who saved my life and offered me a hand at the moment I thought I had lost ‘everything.'” (Singer, Poland)

     “I develop large projects where the deals involve many stakeholders including: government, financiers, neighbors, and tenants. David has worked with me on two such projects, pointing out the weaknesses in the energy relationships among the stakeholders and helping to strengthen these relationships with me repeatedly over the many months it took to complete the projects. Despite the enormous challenges that arose, leading many stakeholders to doubt that the projects would ever succeed, they were both completed successfully – to my immense relief!” (Project Developer, California)

Feeling the shifts in the energy
     “I was able to feel the energy moving in my body and the anxiety leaving like air from a balloon. I could feel my body grounding.” (Animal Lover, Milwaukee, Oregon)

     “I had such an immediate physical response, followed by such great relaxation, that it was mind boggling. Afterwards I continued to feel energy shifts and many benefits.” (BodyTalk practitioner and teacher, Canada)

     “During the first session, I felt something inexplicable, and after the session I felt a significant difference. It’s hard to explain because I’ve never felt it before, but it’s definitely a feeling of purification, lightness, and relief.” (Music student, Indiana University)

     “I literally felt massive shifts happen throughout my being on all the layers of my being—physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual—tracing them as they made their way through parts of the body and the energy space outside it” (Andreas, Physician, Germany)

     “I feel great shifts in energies within my body when David tunes in to the Universal connection we all have. His relationship with that connection is profound, and I am very grateful for receiving the benefits of his depth and awareness.” (Jazz singer and teacher, New York)

     “During the session I could feel changes already, which continued to improve over the following days, until they became integrated in my being and I forgot about them. The changes were related not only to my specific problems, but also to other problems I had become so used to that I had just accepted them as part of getting older.” (Musician, Denmark)

     “Combining what he has learned and his deep spontaneous intuition he seems to flow from one thing to the next as if following the music of a hidden orchestra. I feel the effects of this flow as expansive energy and feelings that open stuck-ness, leaving body and soul in a different place than when I arrived: centered, relaxed, and more open to being here. David’s is a truly unique form of inner work and healing.” (Spiritual teacher, Portland, Oregon)