David Lasocki,
Release Your Shackles: A Concise Guide to Living a Freer Life
(first published 9 May 2016; e-book, price $10.00)

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     As Rousseau put it 350 years ago, “Human beings are born free, and everywhere they are in shackles.” These figurative shackles hinder us from learning who we are, finding our own truth in every moment, and living from that truth. They also weaken or block our energy.
     Many of our shackles originate in conditioning: attempts by others—family, school, church, society—to control us into being like them, not like ourselves.
     If we don’t know who we are and what we need, then we will tend to accept what we have been told, developing belief systems that don’t serve us and drag us down.
     With insight, wit, and concision, Release Your Shackles outlines the nature of our shackles, presents some essential background information on the usefulness of objective and subjective knowledge, and describes some methods for releasing shackles.
     Everyone can become much freer -- much. You, too!

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Pre-publication praise for the book:
“Very thought-provoking indeed!”
     Realtor, Portland, Oregon
“I just finished David’s book and I love it. He really included a lot of much-needed info for people. He writes beautifully. And as I read some of the chapters, I felt energy shifts in my body, as if something was releasing already. Thank you so much for letting me read this awesome book!”
     Retired business man, Olympia, Washington
"Love it! Thank you."
     Counselor, Portland, Oregon
“It’s clear and easy to follow.”
     Scientist and musician, Beaverton, Oregon
“I really enjoyed it. It’s informative, precise, and easy to understand. It held my attention and had a nice flow. I will be directing my friends to this book, as I think it will help a lot of people.”
     Accountant, Boston, Massachusetts’
“I enjoyed how David describes conditioning: it hits home for me. This lovely book has great writing, it flows easily, and it’s concise and to the point. David has nailed it!”
     Chiropractor, Portland, Oregon