David Lasocki, I Am Alive Now: Writings from a Lifetime of Healing. Published June 2012. 152 pages; 8 1/2 by 11 inch format. E-book price $12.

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In this spiritual autobiography, David Lasocki—writer, researcher, editor, publisher, and healer—writes vividly about his involvement with healing, music, and language throughout his life in England and the United States. He depicts his spiritual path and his key relationships with family, friends, mentors, and teachers. He tells stories about some striking events in his life. And for good measure, he throws in a few lively poems and several funny anecdotes with a spiritual kick. Whether you are already acquainted with David, or want to get to know his many facets, you will surely find something of interest here.

Praise for I Am Alive Now:

Alice K. Sanders, Ph.D., psychologist and market research consultant, New Hampshire:
"Of everyone I have ever known, I can honestly say that David Lasocki is one of the most alive! As I read his book I Am Alive Now, I felt many things -- surprise, wonder, sadness, joy. David is multi-talented, multi-faceted, adventurous, generous, simple, and complex. He tells his story beautifully, sharing himself openly and in a way that takes the reader back to times and places of his roots and along an indirect path of growth, from an unlikely corner into an open field with many choices and with the potential to soar in any direction he chooses. David's story touched my heart. I felt amazed, I felt grateful, I felt enriched. In some ways, I wished I could be more like him. Then I remembered he would say that what I am already is perfectly who I should be, and that makes me appreciate myself, and I, too, feel more alive."

David Bellugi, professional recorder player and teacher, Florence, Italy:
"I found this book so mesmerizing that I read it from start to finish in one sitting, even though I had many urgent things to do, including getting off to bed. David Lasocki is a world-renowned musicologist to whom every recorder player owes more than he will ever know. He bares his soul in this touching autobiography, which provides fascinating insight not only into the world of music research but also into the lesser-known world of energy healing. The whole book is a testament to the human ability to overcome life's hurdles through sheer passion and creativity."

Musician and music teacher, Vancouver, BC, Canada:
"I Am Alive Now is a series of charming, powerful, and almost unimaginable vignettes from the life of David Lasocki. I was most profoundly struck with the concept that, as in a seed, the flexibility to adapt not only enables one to survive: it can empower one to transcend and flourish in the most incredible way, like a beautiful flower ... or like David’s life. His journey and transformation through his own healing and the healing work he does with others are an inspiration and a joy to read about."