Biography: David Lasocki

Photo of David Lasocki

     I am David Lasocki, the owner of Instant Harmony, and I live in Portland, Oregon. I do healing work for people of all ages in the Portland area (or visiting) as well as on the phone or Skype/FaceTime for people (of all ages) all over the world. I have been doing healing work professionally since 1997, and for family and friends going back to 1970. Recently, I have also been doing energy work to help realtors to buy and sell houses and apartments.

     I am a certified practitioner of BodyTalk, a certified facilitator of the Completion Process, a certified practitioner of Matrix Energetics, a practitioner of Yuen Mastery, which builds on the Yuen Method of Full Spectrum Healing, and a certified practitioner/teacher of Magnified Healing (Third Phase).

     I have evolved a healing style in which I draw upon elements of Matrix Energetics, Yuen Mastery, BodyTalk, and the Completion Process, not to mention other modalities I learned previously as well as new techniques coming to me through my practice every week. When I work with someone, whether in person or at a distance, we sit together quietly in Heartspace, we talk about what is arising, I make energy adjustments, and transformation occurs on many levels: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and environmental. Some of the transformations that have already occurred are chronicled in the testimonials on this website.

     For a video interview with me about my healing work (December 2016), see

     In my “other life,” I retired in February 2011 as Music Reference Librarian in the Cook Music Library, Indiana University—Bloomington. People have kindly recognized me as one of the world’s foremost researchers of the history of woodwind instruments. For a list of my publications download this document. Instant Harmony is selling my e-books and e-editions.