Biography: David Lasocki

Photo of David Lasocki

     I am David Lasocki, the owner of Instant Harmony, and I live in Portland, Oregon. I do healing work in person as well as on Skype/FaceTime or the phone for people of all ages. I have been doing healing work professionally since 1997, and for family and friends going back to 1970. I have evolved a healing style drawing upon elements of Matrix Energetics, Yuen Mastery, BodyTalk, and the Completion Process, not to mention other modalities I learned previously as well as new techniques that come to me through my practice every week. Recently, I have also been doing energy work to help realtors buy and sell houses and apartments.

     For a video interview with me about my healing work (December 2016), see

Clients have found me:

     “Above all his healing gifts, I think his greatest gift is his incredible patience” (Singer, Poland)

      “I would not have advanced this far in so many aspects of my life without his patient guidance” (Musician, California)

      “His patience and understanding allowed me to be honest and vulnerable, and in my opinion that was the perfect ground on which he built a blend of his very own special healing techniques and other methods, all tailored to the needs of my process.” (English teacher, Hungary)

Able to Hold Space:
      “Working with him provides an abundant space where a person can change and thrive” (Animal Lover, Milwaukee)

      “It feels good to know that I can have a session with you, like a safe haven I can go to” (Computer Programmer, Costa Rica)

      “... how comfortable and safe I felt” (Completion Process facilitator, Norway)

      “I felt completely held and understood as well as very safe” (Senay, Germany)

      “David immediately put me completely at ease in his company” (Jenny, Completion Process facilitator, England)

      “His deep and genuine interest in my process and his unconditional presence were already healing modalities that I could sense from the very first moment to the last” (English teacher, Hungary)

      “David is an amazing man. He is one of the purest souls I have ever encountered. Because of this purity, he has become the best spiritual energy healer I have had the privilege of working with.” (Speech pathologist, Bloomington, Indiana)

      “David Lasocki heals with his heart — from the commitment he has made to his own evolution. All he learns he offers to others with abundant generosity and caring.” (Jazz singer and teacher, New York)

      “... was able to stand his ground when interacting with what I felt was a very hurt and afraid part of me” (Completion Process facilitator, Norway)

      “You taught me a lot about trusting myself and my own intuition about my health. So thank you. That alone is a huge thing!” (Small-business owner, Austin, Texas)

      “I am forever changed by knowing David” (Animal Lover, Milwaukee, Oregon)

      “I have also experienced how I’m capable of embracing darker parts of myself. This makes me feel an inner peace, as if I can finally trust myself.” (Completion Process facilitator, Norway)

      “I feel lighter and am experiencing joy in understanding more about myself” (Computer programmer, Costa Rica)

      “For as long as I could remember, my energy had always been drained by my teaching. I feel so much better and my energy is thriving, now that I have learned from you how to release the energy that I take on from others, and how I can block myself from taking on negative energy.” (University teacher of singing, California)

      “... helped me a lot to identify the issues and start trusting the process I am in” (Medical doctor and information technology specialist, Germany)

      “The shifts in my capacity to again be my best self and fully live my values, even in the most challenging moments, have been repeated, dramatic, and easy. I’m unspeakably grateful to David for his help in getting me back, and so quickly, deeply, and effortlessly.” (Vika Miller, Thriving Life guide and business consultant, Portland, Oregon)

      “... we quickly addressed and resolved a major issue for me: my ability to trust that life supports me — a place where I have come to grief before over the last few years” (Scientist, Germany)

      “David, I am grateful for having a mentor and friend like you. Meeting you empowered me and changed my life.” (Piano professor, Kansas)

      “I loved that he allowed humor and lightness to be such a great part of a session devoted to deep soul work — something I have found rare among practitioners.” (Completion Process facilitator, Norway)

      “David is the funniest person I know; or perhaps I should say, the pun-niest person I know” (University music teacher and performer, Fresno, California)

      “Humor and practical advice were also parts of this lovely journey” (English teacher, Hungary)

      “David's attitude is light and joyful. His twenty years of experience and his openness to using whichever process feels right in the moment lead to a relaxing freedom.” (Senay, Germany)

      “The whole atmosphere of the session was filled with mutual smiles at each other and our shared delight at the fascinating work we did together” (Physician, Germany)

      “He has an amazing ability to energetically tune into one’s own blocks, and can use many different techniques within one session to help resolve these issue from multiple angles and perspectives” (Completion Process facilitator, London, England)

      “His way of working is very intuitive and creative. He has a large number of healing tools and knows how to choose and combine them to great advantage.” (Scientist, Germany)

      “I discovered him to be an experienced and versatile master of the healing arts, using his highly developed intuition, understanding, and sensitivity in total alignment with my situation.” (Physician, Germany)

      “His great skill, intuition, and personal warmth combine to create transformative sessions, leading to healing and improved health on all levels. I appreciate his work!” (College music teacher and musician, Canada)

      “His unique style and approach allow him to call on a wealth of therapeutic tools, using his highly developed intuition and long experience as a healer” (Jenny, Completion Process facilitator, England)

Loving, Supportive, and Authentic
      “David is precious. His awareness, understanding, and gentle energy attunement are enabling my body to let go and feel much better now. I appreciate his healthful support and his skilled, creative, loving, authentic offerings.” (Massage therapist, Beaverton, Oregon)

      “... spoke with me in his gentle way” (Animal Lover, Milwaukee)

      “David, I thank you for everything you have done to make this life a good one for me, over and over again” (Academic administrator, New Mexico)

      “Your reliability and honesty have been a source of support and loyalty that I have yet to experience from any other practitioner. My family and I remain truly grateful.” (Veteran, Eugene, Oregon)

      “I’ve been on a healing path for more than four decades. I’ve done a lot of work with a lot of different practitioners. What I’ve gotten from my work with David has been among the most extraordinary, and certainly the fastest (not to mention the most reasonably priced). David offers very powerful, effective support.” (Vika Miller, Thriving Life guide and business consultant, Portland, Oregon)

      “My session with David was deep and powerful” (Scientist, Germany)

      “Over and over I am seeing the results of the work David and I did together” (Assistant to spiritual teacher, California)